Soft Hearted Scientists: Manifesto


WE WILL create music with a sense of wonder: like the sound of stars flying off the end of a wand or, if it were possible, the sound of plucking a spider's web encrusted with dew drops. Nothing less will do.

WE WILL convert the most magical aspects of life and nature into songs - these include

i The evening wind blowing through grass in sand dunes
ii Shooting stars whizzing through the night sky
iii Cats, dogs, birds, and all the weird and wonderful creatures of the land air and sea
iv The sight of the Moon and Mars side by side, sitting on a lawn far from home, serenaded by crickets, frogs and cicadas

WE WILL set all our joy, memories, sorrow, disappointments and twilight fantasies to melody.

WE REFUSE to be the loudest band ever.

WE REFUSE to be the tightest band ever.

WE REFUSE to be the sexiest band ever.

THE A-Z of Mediocre Rock Success will remain a total irrelevance to us.

POTS AND pans, comb and paper, banjos and garden gnomes are our shields against the grey rock demons.

WE WILL create music to insulate and protect us and like-minded souls from the horrors of line dancing, mullets, angst ridden foul metal music, irritating ring tones, reality TV scum jesters and, most of all, grim Red Bull fuelled townie Friday-night-fight cave dweller goblins.

Sound policies for a better world.

soft hearted uncanny
Soft Hearted Scientists: Uncanny Tales From
the Everyday Undergrowth
(My Kung Fu Records, 2005)

Postat av: Tatti

Fantastisk skiva, och Judee Sill också.

Tips Beach House som släpptes på för en vecka sedan.

Postat av: ulrika

tack för tipset, har kollat in den på dotshop och lyssnat, såg att både du och terry nämnt BH på cricket, och det låter väldigt bra!skriver upp den på min lista över cd skivor att köpa...

nu ska jag kolla in din blogg!

2006-10-12 @ 20:02:15
Postat av: Tatti

Ja gör det.Jag måste kolla upp Freidman också, verkar ju klart schyst.

2006-10-12 @ 20:44:08

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