Put Me Back Together

It was premeditated, both my legs came off
they wouldn't stop kicking, I hung upon a cross
it runs in the family, I acted on a whim
I left the engine running, I didn't feel a thing

I had an addiction, I tried to stop a fight
I had a son or daughter, I was ill alright
I was in police-custody, lightning came my way
I jumped, I slipped, I fell

it was really nothing, I coughed a little blood
I tried to save my baby, I met an angry dog
I was under water, I skated on thin ice
I was only seven, and I got knifed

I angered everybody, I starved in every way
they called and said they'd visit, but no one ever came
we were sure it wasn't loaded, I couldn't reach the phone
my heart was exhausted, I saw the sky explode

I tried to fix the tv, it was a hit and run
my boyfriend beat me, I felt myself go numb
the guilt became unbearable, I didn't say goodbye
the building was on fire, I was asleep inside

I carried a virus, I collapsed at work
I wasn't cured from cancer, she said it wouldn't hurt
we were in the forest, I laughed a lot that day
I was with my loved ones, I slowly bled away

we were on a class trip, snow! we yelled and ran
nothing too eccentric, I never saw the ban
I was really really old, I didn't hear that train
the last I felt was rain

Bear Quartet: Put me back together (Angry Brigade, 2003)

(text: Peter Nuottaniemi)

Postat av: Jonas B.

Åh, den är verkligen fantastisk, den låten!

Vill du träffa mig o Sofia på tisdag? Det vore fint.

2007-02-01 @ 23:34:51
Postat av: ulrika

javisst är den!!

och jag vill gärna träffa er på tisdag, hörs

2007-02-02 @ 09:53:25
Postat av: ulrika

fast absolut inte den bästa låten på skivan tycker jag, det är framförallt texten jag gillar så himla mycket, det där med att bara räkna upp 30 (?) olika sätt att dö på...

2007-02-02 @ 10:02:16
Postat av: valle

Helt fantastisk låt. Jag tycker nog det är den bästa på skivan, både texten och musiken är helt enormt bra. Möjligtvis är I don't need light bättre, fast det är nog ganska jämnt skägg.

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