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: Upon Reflection. The Dawn Anthology 1970-72 (Castle Music/ Sanctuary Records, 2006)

"Upon Reflection includes the complete recordings of Heron, a folk group that was formed in the suburbs of London in 1967. At the beginning of the '70s, they released two albums and a handful of singles on Dawn, a subsidiary of Pye that put out great records by Comus, Trader Horne, and Mike Cooper, who played slide guitar on some of Heron's songs. The group claimed the Incredible String Band as a major inspiration, but with the exception of a few old-timey numbers like a two-part cover of Woody Guthrie's "Sally Goodin," their songs sounded quite a bit more contemporary than the ISB's. Heron's three lead singers each wrote devastatingly great stripped-down acoustic pop songs. Because they felt uncomfortable in a studio setting, they made both of their albums outdoors using mobile recording equipment. You can literally hear birds chirping and wind blowing in the gaps between the songs, and the performances are incomparably relaxed and mellow. This two-disc anthology reveals Heron to've been one of the best and inexplicably least-known British folk bands of the early 1970s. It's definitely one of the year's most essential reissues. [RH] (November 2, 2006)"
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Lysande tips! Tack, Ulrika!

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Kommer förresten att tänka på The Avett Brothers mycket fina skiva Four Thieves Gone när jag hör den här. Det är lite samma upplägg: folk-ig musik, mycket stämsång, ganska avslappnade inspelningsformer.
En lite modernare, amerikansk, parallell måhända. The Lowering är en väldigt vacker sång från Four Thieves Gone.

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